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Welcome to my site. Sorry I am currently in the middle of redesigning it. No worries though. It should be all taken care of soon. I am a digital media producer. I create websites, films and lots of things in between. Along the way I have filmed video for a swimsuit calendar, digitally authored and mastered high-performance automotive and luxury lifestyle DVDs from beginning to end, filmed music videos and developed 100’s of real estate lead generating websites. I am also a gadget/tech fanatic. In my spare time I experiment with digital cinema cameras and vintage lenses. More on that coming soon. Find out more about me and my qualifications/skills on my About page.

Old Work – Alondra Music Video

Just some old work I dug out of the youtube archives. Here’s a music video I shot and directed for Universal Music Latino and Alondra a Mexican Billboard award winner and Latin Grammy nominated recording artist back in 2004. This was another one from the pre-HD days:

2006 Broadcast Reel

I’ve decided I need to come up with a better reel. The last complete reel I put together was in 2006. (Please excuse the lack of audio, I really didn’t have time to go back and find the license for the track so I just removed it.) I guess I have just been very busy with the web development and real estate brokerage recently that I kept putting off compiling a new reel. Well I guess now that I am working with a RED Scarlet, RED MX and a few other cameras and kick ass lenses that I should put together something quickly. Can you believe this reel was all in standard definition? OMG I can’t even believe we used to edit in standard def.